Steven Masache

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Steven Masache

Google Analytics


Google Tag Manager

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About Me

Passionate about Digital Marketing with deep expertise in tools like Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and SEO. My transition from Microbiology to marketing showcases my adaptability and self-taught thirst for learning. I excel in analytical capabilities, effective communication, and fostering teamwork, always seeking to innovate and optimize in a constantly changing digital world.

  • Age: 24
  • Residence: Quito, Ecuador
  • Nationality Ecuadorian


  • Website tagging strategy for different accounts.
  • Insight search by means of analyzing our customer’s behavior.
  • Google Analytics audits and implementations.
  • Provide Google Analytics and Tag Manager support.
  • Cookie consent implementations.
  • Plan and develop the On-page Off-page SEO strategy.
  • Plan joint Google Ads tool actions with the advertising agency.
  • Develop commercialization and marketing strategies.
  • Coordinate content marketing management with copywriters
  • Implement the website tagging strategy by means of Google Tag               Manager.
  • Review and analyze the organization and design of dashboards in               Data Studio.
  • Analyze commercial and marketing data in tools such as Hubspot and       Google Analytics.
My Services

Detailed breakdown of web traffic. Enhance user experience, boost conversions, and improve your site's performance.


Tailored strategies to boost online visibility. Increase organic traffic and rank your website at the top.

Google Tag Manager

Efficient tag implementation and management. Simplify tracking, improve loading times, and empower your campaigns

Data Studio and Google Ads Reporting

Visualize your data clearly. Custom reports for informed decisions and effective advertising campaigns.


High School Degree of Sciences (General)
International Baccalaureate Certificate



Self Description

Excited about Digital Marketing! I quickly adjust to new trends, sharpening my skills with tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, and SEO. I aim to offer useful insights from detailed data, always keeping an eye out for fresh ways to make things better in the digital world.

I see myself as a digital marketing and analysis expert, always eager to learn and adapt. Switching from studying Microbes to digital marketing just shows how ready I am to jump into and excel in different fields. Some of these skills I’ve picked up by teaching myself.

At work, I’m all about clear communication, making tricky concepts easy to get. I’m big on teamwork, believing it’s vital and always doing my part. Every day brings new challenges, some without clear instructions, but I see these as chances to think outside the box and learn something new.

Being adaptable is what I’m all about. Change doesn’t scare me; I see it as a chance to grow and improve. No matter the situation, I’m always on the lookout to learn more, ensuring I’m geared up for what’s next in my career.



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